International Brotherhood Of Magicians Convention Appearance

key ring cover001Here is a recent feature article about me in the UK’s monthly magazine for the International Brotherhood Of Magicians. It discusses my career and early years in magic along with info about my appearance in this year’s magic convention gala shows.





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Andrew Green

Preston’s Polished Performer of Prestidigitation

by Geoffrey Newton

It’s the British Ring convention next month so I am looking at another star of the event.   This time the featured artist is someone who stems from my area of the country.   Andrew Green was brought up in Preston, Lancashire and was bitten, like many, by the magic bug at a young age.   He spent much of his time in libraries and book shops searching for anything magic and when he was 10 had already joined the local magic club and discovered his first magic dealer.

Being a Lancashire lad meant that he was not far from Blackpool where, still as a youngster, he was able to attend the convention and witness amazing feats of magic like Blackstone’s floating light bulb.   As a somewhat inexperienced magician he could not believe what he was seeing.   At this time Andrew was rather a shy boy so he decided to opt for the more visual than patter style of performance.   In those days there were many manipulation acts on the scene so he had plenty to seek inspiration from.

Additionally Andrew decided to expand his world into the performing arts.   This produced a massive learning curve, involving dance which in turn taught him posture and muscle memory and also improved his stage confidence considerably.   By the age of 15 he had been offered some weekend work with the Sherriff’s family entertainment bar at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.   He presented an 8 minute act up to three times a day all through the summer to a live audience.   This had given him a real life experience in a true working environment.

After leaving school he continued his studies in the performing arts and dance in the company of like-minded creative people.   It opened up new aspects of theatre, to what was available and the dedication needed in training, dealing with competition and how to meet professional challenges.   Although he never intended to be a dancer par se it gave him a great knowledge of the subject and created his respect for choreography and the ability to incorporate this in his future shows.

After graduating from college his intention was to become an actor but life took a change when he attended an audition for the New Mystique show in Blackpool.   Although he was not successful at this point, the company who produced the show ‘Stageworks’ offered him a summer season in Jersey fronting the magic show there.    (He must have liked this organisation as he continued to work for them for the next 10 years.)

All this was now 20 years ago and Andrew has fond memories of his first real steps into professional showbusiness.   It had given him the opportunity of seeing other professional artists rehearse, watching dance routines being created and spending time in props and wardrobe departments.   It also had an added bonus of working with a team of glamorous showgirls.   All this opened his mind to the development of his magic on a grander scale.   He would be given notes resulting from rehearsals which allowed him to refine his performance technique and create a discipline which he still uses today with his own dancers.   Looking back on all this, Andrew feels that if it had not been for this intensive inroad to the real world he would not still be working professionally today.

Over the years he has had many top rate engagements including, C’est Magnifique at Leeds City Varieties, Folie de Paris, and Swing into Salsa.   In Swing he not only performed illusions but also presented vocals, dance, fire eating and juggling.   Now you see where his studies in wider aspects than magic really came into being.   He feels lucky to have been able to work with some amazing artists and made some great friends along the way.

He now regularly performs with his large illusion show on cruise ships, the corporate sector and some interesting celebrity parties.

Very few people know that Andrew, along with his magical and theatre skills also has another string to his bow, being that of a graphic designer. He creates all the artwork for Mark Mason’s JB range of magic and all of Wayne Dobson’s products.   He has produced posters for Juliana Chen’s Las Vegas show and other theatre productions.   Learning the art of graphic design has certainly paid off.

He recently took some time off from full time performing to concentrate on his other tech companies but is now back with a new and improved show.   He has been appearing at a variety of UK magic conventions and we are lucky to have secured his services for our event in Eastbourne this year.   In fact it is a double treat for conventioneers as he will be appearing at the Congress theatre on Saturday 26th September on the Sooty Show and also on the Gala of Magic and Variety.   I last met up with him at the Northern Magic Circle convention in April and enjoyed his exciting performance and also an excellent lecture which was full of good ideas.

He has just returned from Dubai and looks forward to being with us all next month.     Andrew is clearly a man of many talents, dedicated to what he does and certainly, in my opinion, one of the best illusionists available today.