How To Find The Best Close Up Magician For Your Event

Cheshire Wedding  Magician

How To Find The Perfect Close Up Magician For Your Wedding or Party

Well obviously I am going to say I am the best…! But I really will give you an idea ‘What maketh the magician!!’

Unlike many professions where you have to train and gain qualifications in an industry, when it comes to being a magician, anyone can learn a few simple tricks and call themselves a magic man. But if you compare them against someone who has closely studied the art and have had years of experience in performing and entertaining people, there is a massive gap. It really is the equivalent of someone strumming a few notes on a guitar and a classically trained musician.

But when it comes to magic, often the skill and precision is in hiding all of the trickery and method through sleight of hand and misdirection… So when it comes to seeing how good a magician someone is, then if you can’t see how good they are, is often the answer! (in reverse, if you can see things going on, then they possibly aren’t as expert in the craft)

Really when it comes to finding the  perfect close up magician or entertainer for your event or wedding it is about what value they can bring to you and your guests. Firstly can they amaze your special guests with some astounding trickery? Secondly can they entertain and create an amazing atmosphere around your party?

It is the whole package.

A true seasoned quality magician will be able to interact with the people at an event, bring groups together and get them engaging in the entertainment. They will build rapport with guests and fill the room with fun and laughter. I often call this ‘Magical Fireworks’ as small explosions of laughter, applause and cheers keep going off around the room as the magic is taking place with different groups at different points of the day or evening event.

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