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Sir Alex Ferguson
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Andrew Green is one of the leading performers of Close Up Magic in the UK today. With over 20 years of professional performing experience he has literally amazed hundreds of thousands of people and performed at the most  prestigious corporate, media and private events across the world.

During his magical career Andrew has received numerous awards for the breathtaking magic he creates and has been invited by his peers to teach and lecture in the art of magic to magicians across the UK

Andrew’s engaging personality is woven into the mind boggling fingertip miracles he performs ensuring his audiences love him and remember the unbelievable entertainment he provides.

Using his unique magical creations, Andrew has been engaged to create some unique corporate presentations and business training programmes for numerous companies such as Tesco, Tesco Bank, Urenco and Sellafield UK


What is Close Up Magic

Close up magic is an incredible form of entertainment that takes place right under the audiences noses. It is fingertip sleight of hand magic that uses cards, coins, money or small borrowed objects from the spectators. Often this amazing form of magic happens in the spectators hands which helps to increase the mind blowing impact of this interactive art form.

In recent years close up magic is most recognised as being performed by street magicians. This type of close up magician performs in everyday situations and attracts passersby to witness the breathtaking magic. This style of magic can often also been seen in restaurants as an added attraction for customers and at weddings receptions  with the close up magician acting as an amazing icebreaker for guests to help create the perfect party atmosphere.

The astonishment created by a close up magician leaves a lasting impact on anyone witnessing it. It’s truly universal language spans internationally and has allowed Andrew to entertain numerous foreign dignitarieswithout the need for translation.


About  Andrew Green – Close up magician

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Andrew started learning magic at the age of 8 after being amazed by the Paul Daniels TV Magic Show. He went on to join the local Magic Circle society at the age of 10 where he started to learn all sorts of sleight of hand and performance techniques.

He went onto study theatre and dance at college and went straight into professional performance work at the age of 18. Since this time his magic has taken him far and wide and he is been fortunate enough to work with some of the top professional across the globe and perform his incredible magic to the rich and famous. Andrew was invited to perform at Coleen Rooney’s £500,000 21st Birthday party which was covered by Hello Magazine and hosted an array of A List celebrities and international footballers

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