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November 5, 2015

I know it’s a cheesy title but hey that’s what it’s all about!! Christmas is a crazy busy time for me as so many people ask me to entertain their guests at their Xmas parties. Traditionally this is the time of year when companies splash out on their staff party and people get a little too tipsy under the mistletoe. It can be the same old meal and DJ with very little to remember about it other than Dave from accounts disappeared with a tipsy Mary from Reception and Mary returned with what appeared to be clowns makeup for lipstick…

Isn’t it time you added something new that will keep your people talking well after the party and talking for the right reasons and not just because Dave’s wife now accompanies him to every social occasion and Mary has stopped drinking.

Well here’s a lovely suggestion for your… Book me!!
An Amazing, Astounding, Awesome Close Up Magician
wedding magicians in Liverpool








Yes that’s right folks, by adding an amazing close up magician to your festive events you can have a interactive comedy packed attraction at your party which will fit in with the traditional party proceedings but will bring everyone together in a unique way. The amazing close up magic I perform is always a massive hit and it fills those boring periods whilst you are all arriving and getting into the swing of things or whilst everyone is waiting for the buffet to be served.

This walk around type of entertainment will suit parties large or small. On site or at local venues. It can work in a large banquet or small one table group in a restaurant.
liverpool table magician

close up magic liverpool












I perform amazing magic tricks and encourage plenty of audience participation which means everyone has a great time being actively involved in the entertainment rather than watch a few scary individuals murder a karaoke song.

If you are organising a Christmas party entertainment in Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Preston, Blackpool… hey I travel all over! Then get in touch today.

I can’t magically guarantee that Dave’s wife wont kill him though…

Get in touch on 07702 153290 or email me here

May 5, 2015

wedding magician lancashire

Magic By Recommendation

It always amazes me the ways in which people find me to discuss booking me to perform close up magic at their parties. Obviously a lot of people can find me on the internet via Google. But I would say that the majority of people who call me have seen me at another party or I have been recommended to them by someone who has.

People often say to me that they have had my business card in their purse or wallet for years ready for that time when they are organising a special event. This to me is the best kind of compliment. It means that the close up magic that I do has had a lasting impression on the people who see it.

Obviously as a wedding magician in Lancashire many people see me perform the mix and mingle magic as wedding reception entertainment. At these kinds of events people are often a little shy when it comes to joining in at first as they might not know everyone else but once they join in with the magic they soon relax and enjoy the party. This is probably the best kind of advert I could wish for because people can see how special this type of wedding entertainment is and how it can really help build a party atmosphere.

I am lucky enough to perform at weddings across Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and much further afield. As a wedding magician I often see some amazing weddings and parties, but also see some of the mishaps. It is this experience that I often pass onto potential customers so that they can ensure their special event is perfect. I am sure that this is why many of my clients rebook me time and again to entertain their special guest with my amazing close up magic.

August 23, 2014

5 Ways A Close Up Magician Can Make Your Next Event Amazing

So you have been tasked with making your next big bash even better than last year’s, but you are struggling to beat the giant sumo competition or bungee jump. Maybe you are looking to make this year’s event sophisticated and add a touch of class to the proceedings? It can be difficult to choose appropriate entertainment that fits in with your guest list, is flexible to the nights theme but has maximum impact that will leave your guests talking about it for weeks.

I am pleased to reveal the answer and save you from those party night traumas!

By booking a quality close up table magician, you  can keep your guest enthralling throughout the evening in various areas of the party and create some special lasting memories.



Here are the 5 Top reasons why a quality close up table magician will  transform your next special event:

1. A professional close-up magician will act as a fantastic icebreaker at the start of the evening. They will mix and mingle among the guests performing incredible sleight of hand magic that brings people together, connects them in a shared magical moment and leaves them with a magical talking point to start the conversation rolling. Priceless!

2. The magical entertainment can take place in every area of the event. The magician will move as your guest move and so it is not restricted to one place or time during the event. This means the guests will enjoy the amazing effects throughout the night. This can be most valuable during any quieter monents when your guest are waiting for the next element of the party to commence. The magician can bridge the gap whilst also being an amazing spectacle in their own right.

3. Close-up magic is an interactive form of entertainment. It engages people in ways that other attractions cannot. Whilst a band or dj can provide music around a room, a magician can create a powerful moment of magic that people remember forever!! When magic is performed well and happens in the hands of your guests they often recount the experience for years.

4. Fantastic photo opportunities! You only need to look at the reactions from the people witnessing the amazing magic to realise how many special moments can be capture on camera of people enjoying themselves. These are lasting testimonials to the exciting time they had at your party or corporate event.

5. Close Up Table Magic or Street Magic is cool! With the likes of Dynamo, David Blaine or Troy on TV magic shows people are loving this cool form of entertainment. People get excited when they see a magician performing at an event and cannot wait for them to join their group so that they too can be amazed!

Close up Table Magic is a really innovative form of entertainment. You can book a magician for private or corporate events, weddings, exhibition or trade show stands and even after dinner speaker slots. It is a fantatastic way to ensure your next important event has that extra magicial element.

To find out more about close up magic contact Andrew Green top UK close up magician and he will be more than happy to discuss ideas for your event in Lancashire, Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Birmingham, Leeds, Yorkshire etc etc etc at