A Bride’s Worst Nightmare…? My Wedding Guests Will Get Bored – Secrets Revealed!!!

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When you are planning your wedding there are a stack of uncertainties and worries about how to go about creating the perfect day. Once the initial excitement of wedding preparations dies down you are faced with an enormous task ahead. For many it is the most stressful experience of their lives. This is for a very good reason… You are not a wedding or event organiser. Even professionals can get stressed. The difference is they draw on experience to ensure that everything goes to plan.

But one of the biggest fears of all is… ‘Will my guests get bored at my wedding?’

Every wedding day has two sides to it. The first is the experience that the bride and groom have during the day. The second is the experience that guests have. On your special day you will be swept up in all of the elements of the wedding and will not have a second to think once it has begun. You will be focused on the wedding attire, hair and makeup and then your amazing ceremony. You will be quickly rushed off to have photos, then into the wedding breakfast where you will be involved in speeches, wedding gifts and more. This often moves straight into the evening event where you are welcoming evenings guests and preparing for the first dance etc etc …. Your schedule is jam packed! You will look back at the day and feel like it was all an amazing blur.

But for your guests the experience of the day will be much different in many cases. It will have long periods of waiting whilst you are busy meeting and greeting etc. They will often be stood with people they don’t know and sometimes struggle to make small talk. Often people can feel uncomfortable in social situations and will turn up to events, stay for a period of time to ‘show their face’ and then head off  quite early.

You will have brief moments with each of them to say hello but whilst you are moving around the room in a whirlwind of activity, your guests will be waiting for the next part of the wedding to start.


Dont Panic!! I will reveal  the solution…

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The key to creating an amazing wedding day is to ensure that all of your guests are engaged throughout the day and they are made to feel like they are a part of your journey.

You want to look at ways to share the excitement of YOUR experience with them.

There are many simple ways to achieve this.

  1. 1. Find a great wedding photographer with personality and passion to create amazing candid group shots and stunning portraits but will also generate energy within a group and make the experience of having photos taken a lively and enjoyable one. As well as creating a good atmosphere this will help relax your guests which will come across in the photos as natural fun expressions guaranteed! I can highly recommend Steve & Stephanie at http://ashtonphotography.co.uk/
  2.  Have the photo shoot in an area close to the drinks reception. I have seen so many times a bride and groom on the lawn in the distance with people shouting for individuals to join them for a photo. This creates a sense of separation during a drinks reception. Almost like the guests are only observers of your wedding day and not participants. By creating the photo experience around the guests you will also have more memories of the wedding reception as a whole and not just block periods during the day.
  3. Find a good host. Now this may not mean a master of ceremonies. This is quite a formal way to run weddings these days and may not fit the theme of your day. But that is not say they don’t have value. Often wedding planners can act as hosts for the day in a more informal personal way or a personality DJ who will host the whole day not just run the party at night. Your wedding venue may have a great event manager who is comfortable with hosting (although venue managers will often run the event from the perspective of the venue and not always for the benefit of the couple. Also they may get tide up with sorting things out in the kitchen whilst things need managing with the guests, thus causing a conflict) What you are looking for is someone you can put trust in to make your guests feel comfortable and keep the pace and energy of the event up.

    And Here Comes The Biggie…!!! Wedding Entertainment

  4. Entertainment. Create an entertaining atmosphere right from the start. Most people only consider wedding entertainment as an afterthought. Book a DJ or a Band to fill up the evening once all of the formalities are over. But the secret to ensuring your day creates lasting memories for your guests in the same way as you, is to consider the day as a whole.If anything the lull period during the drinks reception when people have yet to get to know each other, is often the most important time. It is a time when people need a way to break the ice.Obviously this comes down to budget,  but if you look at each of the things you are considering having at your wedding day and identify the value to you, to your photos and to your guest’s experience, you will quickly find areas of importance and space in your budget.

Try analysing your wedding ideas like this.

Idea – Hire A Wedding Magician   (OK I’m a little biased… but stick with me)


Value to You:

You can see some amazing magic, experience something special for just you and your partner (often leaving you with a special keepsake of the day from the trick). You will hear the applause, laughter and energy around the room as each group experiences some quality entertainment in a flexible sophisticated way. You can relax knowing that your guests are having a good time.

Value to lasting memories (photos / Videos):

The reactions and expressions of your guests as they experience the magic will create the perfect photo opportunities. These moments can also be captured on video for you to enjoy afterwards as well. These are much more powerful than people just smiling in staged photos or waving into camera. These are your special guests genuinely enjoying the moment and will thank you for it afterwards.

Value to The guests:

During the initial period of a wedding when people are getting to know each other, a quality wedding magician will act as the perfect introduction for people to start talking. They all experience the magic together and will often talk about what they have seen long afterwards. It is this kind of interaction that builds energy within a group, it allows people to relax in each other’s company and they feel much more a part of the day.

From 20 years of experience I can honestly say that even the coldest, most awkward of groups have melted after a few minutes . Any form of quality interactive entertainment is worth its weight in gold at a wedding. Anything that engages people and brings them together in a joint activity acts as an amazing icebreaker.
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Idea – Wedding Lounge Singer/ Host
howard wing

Howard Wing – Wedding Singer www.howardwing.co.uk

Value To You:

You can enjoy the music during your photos and also you will know your guests are enjoying it

Value to lasting memories (photos/ videos):

It will make your photos look lively by dressing the background of photos. The videos of the performance will add to the feel of your wedding video, it will act as background music to any videos taken. People will be more likely to post videos of the entertainment on social media especially if the artist engages the audience and gets them involved in some way.

Value To Your Guests:

The room will feel warmer with entertainment, they will feel more relaxed and will settle into the day rather than having pre-recorded music playing. An interactive performer will act as an icebreaker


Idea – Ice Sculpture for reception areaWeddingIceSculptures

Value to you = It is beautiful and makes you feel your room is dressed with elegance
Value to lasting memories (photos) = It will appear on a few lovely photos
Value To Your guests = They will appreciate it as they arrive

Idea – A Candy CartLollies_and_Lace_003

Value To You = A quirky novelty that you will see your guests enjoying (often children)
Value to lasting memories = Some unusual photos with people enjoying the sweets. Create interesting photo backdrops.
Value to your guests = A colourful attraction to visit (especially with children). A Nice gift bag to take home.


As you can see, the last two ideas, can add a wonderful extra feature to the day but it gives you an overall perspective of value when allocating your budget.

Now it is said that a wedding day is all about the bride and groom and you should plan everything so that your day is amazing just for you. This is true but by considering the experience as a whole will increase the enjoyment for you as your guests will help generate an amazing atmosphere around you.


All or nothing!!

When booking the different elements of your wedding, in my experience it is better to do it properly or not at all. The old saying rings more true here than anywhere… “You get what you pay for”.

If you decide you want some entertainment for the children then look at hiring the best entertainer in the area. If you find the cheapest then it may well cost you in the end. You will get some amatuer who provides an unreliable second rate service that could either let you down or have the children running wild. The total opposite to your original plan.

A cheap local DJ may fit your budget but may just turn up with shabby equipment, sit behind a laptop all night and never engage the crowd. There is nothing worse than hiring a human playlist. When what you really wanted was a DJ host that would get the crowd packing the dance floor, Filling the room with amazing lights, entertaining the audience and mixing the music up to please everyone.

^Worst Wedding DJ – Video^

We have all been there, at an event and a terrible artist starts his/her show and everyone stares uncomfortably at each other not wanting to be rude by pointing out they are ruining the atmosphere.

The last thing you want is for people to be talking about your wedding the next day to their friends and the focus being on how bad the wedding singer was etc. You want everybody to be as excited about sharing stories of your amazing fun packed wedding day as you will be.

All of this comes back to the difference between the bride and groom’s experience of the day vs the guest’s experience.

If in doubt book one excellent entertainer rather than a few average ones.

How to find the good ones…?

There are plenty of places to start. Do some general Google searches on the ideas you have and save them in a favourites folder. Then once you have a list of ideas, search Youtube for more videos of that performer, find them on Facebook and read some of their testimonials. Also speak to entertainment agencies. They will have even more ideas to share. Reputable agencies will also give peace of mind should anything happen to the artist booked (although sometimes you will pay a little extra via agencies and may not always get personal contact with the artist themselves)

Take a look on Wedding forums and see whose name pops up regularly. Or in the case of children’s entertainment NetMums is a good place to start.

Wedding fayres are also a great place to visit and get a taste of what is available. But remember often the best wedding suppliers are too busy to attend the wedding  fayres as they are out there making amazing weddings.

Recommendation is always a the best place to find the perfect wedding suppliers. Speak to friends or other people who have recently gotten married. Have a chat to the event managers at wedding venues and get contacts from them. They will have seen the best and the worst entertainment and will be able to guide you.

There is a lot of trust involved in organising a wedding because at some point you have to let go of it and put it in the hands of other people with the hope that they will treat it with respect and that they will  honour your amazing plans. This is scary, but if you listen to people who have been to hundreds of weddings and naturally know how to structure the flow of a wedding day experience then it will give you a powerful insight into what your guests will enjoy and allow you to relax in the hands of true professionals.

Create your perfect ceremony, build an amazing experience for your guests and the two combined will create an amazing energy around your day that will stay with you for a very long time.
But please remember to do one thing…

Once you have created this incredible day and you realise that your fears of having a boring wedding day have disappeared, take a moment with your partner at various points during the day to look around and enjoy the moments. As I mention earlier, your special wedding day will wiz by and before you know it it will be over. Take those moments to soak it all up. It is those magical moments that will last a lifetime.


I hope you have found something useful amongst my rambling thoughts that will help you with your wedding plans.


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